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Thank you for visiting my website! I would like to let you know a little bit more about me and how this business came to be. So, if you’re interested, please keep reading.

I was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico and definitely still have a soft spot in my heart for the Sandia Mountains. I had a great childhood with two loving parents and a sister. When it came time to go to college, I choose New Mexico State University where I majored in Geology with concentrations in geophysics and computer science. I earned my degree and then decided that I needed to go to graduate school. So I was off to Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, TX. While there working on my Master’s degree in Geology, I met my wonderful husband and best friend. He is directly responsible for this business . . . but, more about that soon. We were married in 1990 in Houston, TX where we both worked in the oil & gas business.

A few years later, I quit working to raise our family. We have a son and a daughter, (both young adults. . . and now in college.)

A couple of years after my daughter was born, we were transferred to Jakarta, Indonesia where we lived for 6 years. That was a wonderful experience, one that I wouldn’t trade, but not one that I really want to repeat at this point in my life. We came back to the United States and settled into the comfortable suburbia of Katy, TX. Life here is good, my kids are happy in school, we have a Cock-a-poo, an Australian Shepherd and a cat.

This is where my husband’s responsibility for this business comes in. He was involved in the leadership of the church we had chosen to attend and he came home from a meeting one evening and informed me that he had volunteered me to build a website for the church. Now, I was totally clueless when it came to websites. I barely knew how to surf the web, much less build a website. I had never even heard of html, or css, or php. But, being the good wife, I decided that I better learn some of this stuff and try to build the promised website. So I started reading everything I could get my hands on online. I went to the library and checked out one huge volume after another. . . things like “The Complete Reference to HTML”, “CSS for Web Design”, “Web Design for Dummies”. Then I started building. After lots of trial and error, and many days and nights of complete confusion and frustration, I had a website built and online.

Several of the small business owners at church suddenly needed websites for their businesses, so they came to me and asked if I would build them a website. So, still not really knowing what I was doing, I built them websites. With every website I built, all for free at this point, I was learning new skills and falling more in love with this fabulous job. Finally, after several years of building websites for friends and then friends of friends, and then referrals from friends of friends I started DebsWebs LLC in the summer of 2010.

I have to pause in the story here and give thanks to God for many things. First and foremost for my husband who got me into this in the first place. Then for all of those first “clients” who were willing to put up with me while I was learning new things and struggling to make their websites look like they wanted them to and getting them to show up in the search engines somewhere other than 20 pages deep in the listing. I also have to thank God for continuing to bring people like you who need a website and don’t want to deal with the big corporations, but would rather have the personal touch that I bring to each website I build.

I love building websites. I love the challenge that comes with each new project and I love seeing the final result. I also love getting to meet and work with all of the people who come into my life in the process. I thank God for all of His goodness and I give Him all the glory (sdg-“Soli Deo Gloria”) for my business.

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